The short musical, “All my life” directed by Jędrzej Gorski is a beautiful love story that takes place over many years. After 50 years, Maria arrives with her husband to the 50th anniversary celebration of the choir she belonged to. It turns out that Jan, an old love from her 20s still has strong feelings towards her. She starts to recall warm polish summer and the romance she once had. During a party she’s forced to make a choice that will influence all her life. Can true love survive all this time?


  • DIRECTOR /Jędrzej Gorski
  • COUNTRY /Poland
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /18:10
  • YEAR /2020


Directors Biography

Jędrzej Gorski was born in 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. He is a student of Warsaw Film School. During his education, his short films ”Eden”, ”Lena” were awarded on national and international film festivals Polish Short Film Festival Las Vegas, London Seasonal Short Film Festival. He has a great passion for theatre, that is why he also writes and directs short drama play. He is a second director of short web series ,,Control” 30mln views on YouTube. Jędrzej worked with many polish bands and created for them music videos.



Maria/Zacma : Maria Mamona
Jan/Kler : Wojciech Duryasz
Wiktor/Treadstone : Stanisław Banasiuk
Key Cast :
Stanisław Linowski
Key Cast : Ewa Dobrucka
Secretary, Socha, :
Krystyna Tkacz





Written and Directed by : Jędrzej Gorski
Producer : Maciej Ślesicki
Cinematography : Adam Pluciński