A young woman is overwhelmed by the constant noise and impressions in the big city. She decides to move to her primitive family cabin far into the mountains. Feeling lonely and helpless soon changes as she meets an old dying man.


  • DIRECTOR /Agnes Elisabet Klevmark
  • COUNTRY /Norway
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /34:06

Directors Biography

Agnes Elisabet Klevmark

All that dies is Agnes’ (24) first short film. Growing up in a household with musicians and artists has allowed storytelling to be a natural part of her everyday life. Having grown up in the forest and mountains, nature and human relations are topics she often finds in her work.


“Nora” : Eline Radharani Dahm Breitenstein
“Hans” : Halvard Klevmark
“Karl” : Karl Jacob West Bang


Directed by : Agnes Elisabet Klevmark
Written by : Amanda Sandberg Fætten & Karl Jacob West Bang
Producer : Monika Satola & Rens Mijnhardt