Struggle of a Polish mother who is living in Hungary, for finding back her 12 years old lost kid, Eric. To achieve that, she has to face with her past mistakes.


  • DIRECTOR /Hakan Sagiroglu
  • COUNTRY /Hungary
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /20:50

Director Biography

Hakan Sağıroğlu, Film Director of Eric

Hakan Sagiroglu was born on January 03, 1991 in Istanbul. During his high school years, he realized his increasing passion about cinema. He worked as freelance documentary photographer while he was studying at Istanbul University. After he realized that what he is studying is not what he wants from life, he left his study uncomplete and moved to Budapest for studying film-making.

Exclusive "EMF" video interview

Exclusive interview of Hakan Sagiroglu, film director of Eric, short film, world premiere at Excuse My French Film festival 2nd edition. Awards winner – Best actress