Paris, March 2020, the hospital is boiling. Marc, an introverted accountant working there, is the witness of his colleagues dismay. He feels powerless. He’ll then seize the opportunity to take control of his destiny by chasing his hidden dream every night to give comfort to people around, and maybe a little bit for him too.


  • DIRECTOR /Stan Amsellem
  • COUNTRY /France
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /2:16
  • YEAR /2021

Directors Biography

Stan has had various lives. After doing a business school in Paris, France, he started a company to let musicians around the world play music together. After shutting it down, he learned to code to bring ideas to life. Now he’s switching 0s & 1s for pixels in order to tell stories, which is the real dream he’s been chasing until now.


“Marc” : Dimitri M’bra


Directed and written  by : Stan Amsellem
Producer : Marc-Antoine Riou, Stan Amsellem
Director of Photography : Sophian Belgarbi