After several unsuccessful attempts to complete a Captcha, feminist Lara sets out to answer the disturbing question of whether she’s a robot, and therefore bought by her own boyfriend.


  • DIRECTOR /Victoria Warmerdam
  • COUNTRY /Netherlands
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /22:22

Directors Biography

Victoria Warmerdam

Victoria Warmerdam, born in 1991, graduated as a director and writer from the Art School in Utrecht in 2015. In the same year, she earned the Burny Bos Talent Award at the Cinekid Festival for her sci-fi feature concept, SpaceKees.
In 2019, she wrote and directed her short film, SHORT CALF MUSCLE, which has been showcased at over 150 festivals, including Oscar-qualifying ones such as Leuven, St. Louis, Winterthur, Edmonton, Gijon, Foyle, Show Me Shorts, Aesthetica, and Asiana ISFFF. This short film has garnered more than 50 international awards, with the IRIS Prize of £30,000 being the pinnacle.
In 2021, her short film SNORRIE (MUSTACHIO) premiered at the Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts and was featured in over 150 festivals, including Oscar-qualifying events like Leuven, Flickers, Uppsala, Go Short, Foyle, and Gijon. This short film also earned over 50 international awards.
I’M NOT A ROBOT marks her third film and had its international premiere at Sitges IFF, where it clinched the prestigious Best Short Film award, making the film eligible for the 2025 Oscars.


“Lara” : Ellen Parren
“Daniel” : Henry van Loon
“Pam” : Thekla Reuten


Directed & written by : Victoria Warmerdam
Producer : Trent