In the insurance exam hall, Wing is afraid of being categorized as social failures. She trains hard to be professional. However Wing is pressured by the examiner Chan and it’s been tough. With Wing’s pure heart, the system slowly malfunctions…

When life gives you lemon, you make lemon tea and you swallow it. But is this our only way out?


  • DIRECTOR /Wylie Chan Wai Yee
  • COUNTRY /Hong Kong
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /14:49
  • YEAR /2020


Directors Biography

Wylie Chan Wai Yee

Born and raised in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong Art School in 2007, majoring in digital imaging and films. She began her career in films since graduation and has mainly taken roles in Assistant Director. Films she has participated in includes: “Firestorm”, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2”, “Office”,” Shock Wave” etc.


Key Cast : Ng Wing Sze




Written and Directed by : Wylie Chan Wai Yee
Producer : Elson Chan Tsz Yan, Jomin Chan Po Man, Wylie Chan Wai Yee, Sam Ip Siu Chung, Una Wang Oi Mai