When an influencer mother stages her daughter for an Instagram video for her 9th birthday, she refuses to participate because she wants her father to be back. The girl “Nelly” grabs her mother’s cell phone and suddenly starts filming her. The mother tries to grab Nelly. Nelly runs away and locks her out of the house. All the knocking, screaming and threatening does not help. Nelly lowers the burglar-proof shutters of the house and disappears. That’s when the influencer discovers disturbing Instagram stories of her daughter. Posted on her own account.


  • DIRECTOR /Jonas Steinacker
  • COUNTRY /Austria
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /18:55

Directors Biography

Jonas Steinacker

Born in 1998 in Bergisch Gladbach. Apprenticeship as media designer for image and sound at the Bavaria Filmstudios in Munich. Since 2021 he has been studying directing at the Vienna Film Academy with Michael Haneke & Jessica Hausner.


“Sarah” : Lillith Häßle
“Nelly” : Luise Spiegel


Directed & written by : Jonas Steinacker
Producer : Julie Stempelová & Sarah Mathis
D.O.P : Konstantin Johann
Production Design : Laura Huber
Editing : Leyla Jaff