Mia has a lot of fun helping her father prepare for his 50th birthday party at their house. While assisting the guests, she accidentally discovers that her father is having an affair. In the midst of the celebration, she struggles with the weight of this discovery and whether she should confront her father, tell her mother, or keep the secret to herself.


  • DIRECTOR /Shant Salkhorian
  • COUNTRY /United States
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /8:33
  • YEAR /2020

Directors Biography

Shant Salkhorian

Shant Salkhorian: A recent graduate of Woodbury University with a BFA in Film, Shant has worked on several productions at Warner Bros., including CONAN, ELLEN, GREASE LIVE! and THE REAL. His previous short film MISTAKES, which he directed, wrote and produced. MISTAKES has won several awards from film festivals including LA Shorts, Top Indie Film Awards, SoCal CIFF, LA CineFest and LA Indie Film Awards. As a Producing Fellow at The American Film Institute Conservatory, Shant produced 4 short films and wrote a feature screenplay.



Daugther : Alyssa Latson
Mother : Jhey Castles
Key cast : Joshua Mchua
Key cast : Andrea K. Torres


Directed by : Shant Salkhorian
Written : Chris Kingsleigh
Producer : Shant Salkhorian
Cinematography : AndrĂ¡s Roder