Three teenagers sneak into an eerie cemetery at night to summon an exceptionally terrible ghost with an ancient ritual. But they did not expect what they encounter there.


  • DIRECTOR /Vanessa Stachel
  • COUNTRY /Germany
  • CATEGORIES /Animation
  • RUNTIME /3:22


Directors Biography

Vanessa Stachel

Vanessa Stachel likes to move thematically somewhere between horror and colourful glitter fairies. She studied communication design, worked freelance in the field of film/advertising/motion design and began studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany in 2020.


“Tom”: Clay Reynolds
“Leila”: Kayla Jackson
“Petey”: Justin Schaffner
“The Ghost of Painful Bloodshed”: Natalie Rose


Directed & written by : Vanessa Stachel
Producer : Luca Merkle
Cinematography : Konrad Losch
Music : Kilian Oser
Sound Design :
Philipp Hahn
3D Artist : Tobias Eckerlin, Lilli-Luisa Heckmann
Compositing : Johann Schilling
Character Designer : Sascha May
Stop Motion Animation : Vanessa Stachel
Set Designers : Luca Merkle, Konrad Losch