A student director and his girlfriend, who’s also the lead actress, have an altercation over the film’s plot on set, and the themes of the altercation spill over into their lives.


  • DIRECTOR /Haoyu Wang 王浩宇
  • COUNTRY /China
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /13:16


Directors Biography

Haoyu Wang 王浩宇

Haoyu Wang is a Toronto-based filmmaker and video artist. He was originally born in China and finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production at Emerson College in 2020. He is a New Asian Film Collective 13th workshop’s student. In the past few years, He participated in fiction and non-fiction films that were selected into film festivals. Currently, he is focused on the hybrid documentary that combines non-fiction & fiction. He also works on social topics, including the new generation of immigrants in North America and stereotypes of mental health in China through his current projects.

王浩宇是一名居住在多伦多的青年导演,2020年毕业于爱默生学院电影系,新亚洲影志第十三期学员。过去几年参与创作的剧情及纪录短片曾入围多个电影节。目前他正在Toronto Metropolitan University攻读纪录片MFA。


“The Director” : Hongyu Jiang 蒋鸿宇
“The Actress” :
Jinyue Yuna Hu 优娜



Directed & written by : Haoyu Wang 王浩宇
Producer : Yongah Ang 洪永嘉
Director of Photography : Zhihui Deng 邓智辉