The new song MV starts with TY dying unexpectedly in his great house. Through the investigation process of the detective, played by Chu Pak Him, it was found that the fiancee, played by Hedwig Tam and Tony Ho, played the Butler. They are suspicious related to the death of TY. The two denied that they were involved in the incident. Hedwig Tam, his fiancee, dropped her tears during the investigation and even put on the engagement ring prepared by TY at the funeral; Butler stated he was not at the crime scene. The truth of TY’s death will be exposed, and the end of the scene foreshadows the following episode.


  • DIRECTOR /The 11th
  • COUNTRY /Hong Kong
  • CATEGORIES /Music video
  • RUNTIME /4:03

Directors Biography

The 11th

The 11th is a Hong Kong based music video director. His work, mostly inspired by psychological thrillers, has a mixed touch of modern fashion video and psychedelic art. One of his best known music video work in particular , < Sorry > has been awarded as the Best Music Video 2022 of Hong Kong.


Key Cast : Tyson Yoshi
Key Cast :
Pak Him Chu
Key Cast :
Wa Chiu Ho
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Directed by : The 11th
Written  by :
Dun Lamb
Producer :
Donald Fong