Sarah and Salem are arguing about the toy, but at the end, there is another purpose behind while meeting Their parents.


  • DIRECTOR /Mazen Haj Kassem
  • COUNTRY /Denmark
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /8:33

Directors Biography

Mazen Haj Kassem

Mazen Haj Kassem is a 31 year old actor, Director, Producer and Director of Film festivals from Syria. Mazen currently resides in Denmark and directs and manages Film Festivals in most of the European and Scandinavian countries.Mazen lived during his childhood in Denmark . Mazen moved to Damascus to study as an actor and director,among his works as an actor in Syria,he starred in the Syrian drama- Under the skies of homeland and the series -Calendar and there were dubbing experiences such as in the work- taxi 17.Mazen returned to Denmark when the war in Syria began to pursue his life dream as an Actor and producer.He worked as a director in Danish television and made a program called Power.Mazen directed and acted in two Danish plays that were screened in the biggest galleries such as The Musikhuset in the European Capital of Culture, the city of Aarhus and in the Museum of Arts in Copenhagen, he also acted in the film The Nile Hilton and also in the Danish film Ditte and Louisa and Netflix series The Rain .In addition to that ,Mazen directed the opening ceremony of the Aarhus Capital of European Culture 2017 in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and directed a number of short films in Denmark and also worked as a Producer for several Danish short films.During the past two years, Mazen has been organizing and running film festivals in several European cities.In addition to his studies in Damascus Mazen also graduated in 2019 from Via University in Denmark / Aarhus-Drama Department, He also simultaneously graduated as a filmmaker in 2019 from Potemkin Film school in the city of Aarhus /Denmark


“Tarek” : Hassan El Sayed
“Sarah” : Silja Ellemann Kiehne
“Sofie” : Camilla Kold Krohn Gade
“Salem” : Abdulrahman Chabaani
“Bettina” : Mette Hansen
“Salem’s Mother” : Rana Maoued
“Mette” : Victoria Færch


Directed & written by : Mazen Haj Kassem
Producer : Mazen Haj Kassem