Tonight is the night for Lucie, Maya and their friends. Even Jimmy came : he is here for Maya and everybody knows it. But at the moment when everything is supposed to happen, Maya and Lucie finds out they have hidden feelings for each other, tender and confused, who trouble to find their place in this evening punctuated by alcohol that flows freely, the compilations that rock and the hormones that boil.


  • DIRECTOR /Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye
  • COUNTRY /France
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /11:02

Directors Biography

Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye


Directed by : Chloé Alliez & Violette Delvoye
Written by : Chloé Alliez, Violette Delvoye & Blandine Jet
Producer : Jean-François Le Corre, William Henne & Mathieu Courtois