A music video for the most praised Vietnamese post-punk band in Hanoi


  • DIRECTOR /Vincent Baumont
  • COUNTRY /Vietnam
  • CATEGORIES /Music Video
  • RUNTIME /3:14
  • YEAR /2018
Gỗ lim music

Making Of

Director Biography

Vincent Baumont

A passionate camera operator, director and crafting movies for the last 8 years. Based in Vietnam since 2009, now focusing on stories on the sides of Vietnam.

Creative director at Almaz media, a local production boutique in Hanoi. Producing videos and films for TV, companies and NGOs in Hanoi and South-East Asia. Latest documentaries include

– “Indochine, la Guerre oubliée”, DoP for a CNC funded web documentary
– “Bargain brides”, DoP for a Channel News Asia documentary
– “Red Over the Rainbow”, Director of a documentary selected at many international film festivals
– “Wonho around the world”, Cameraman for Al-Arab TV travel show for 10 days in North Vietnam



Director: Vincent Baumont
Producer: Chu Thi Mai Suong & Tommy Southgate