An art major looking for an unconventional canvas unwittingly stumbles upon her professor performing a demonic ritual that begins with a virginal sacrifice to Satan and ends with the monster from her own hellish sketch coming to life. Accompanied by a bathrobe-clad nude model, she must stop the Satan-spawn unleashed from her own tortured imagination before it spreads its evil across campus and maybe even the world.


  • DIRECTORS /Jason Hooper, Greg Boone
  • COUNTRY /United States
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /39:58

Directors Biography

Jason Hooper & Greg Boone


“Suzanne” : Diana Marie
“Tommy” : Greg Boone
“Paige” : Beth Dodge
“Mr. Miller” : Brian H. Treece
“Dolores” : Katy Rinaman
“Rhonda” : Racheal Berks
“The Sketch” : Andishay Wolvpact Taj


Directed by : Jason Hooper & Greg Boone
Written by :Jason Hooper

Producers : Jason Hooper, Trevor Cable, Kara Stevens, Greg Boone, Ed Macomber III, Diana Gutman