Sisak is India’s First Silent LGBT Short Film Written & Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari. Starring Jitin Gulati & Dhruv Singhal. Produced by Aparna Sud & Futterwacken Films. Sound Design by the National Award Winner Pritam Das. Music by Anuraag Dhoundeyal.


  • DIRECTOR /Faraz Ansari
  • COUNTRY /India
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /15:00
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Exclusive "EMF" interview

Faraz Arif Ansari, Film Director of Sisak

Who are you?

I am a dreamer. While dreaming, I write films, I make them too. I paint, I doodle, I cook food for people I love. I am working for children who live on the streets of Mumbai, providing them with food and basics, from time to time. Still so much more to discover.

What is Sisak about?

Sisak is India’s First Silent LGBTQ Love Story. On the surface, it is a love story, yes but it is not just that. It is a political statement towards the law of the Constitution of India that condemns love and a social statement that refuses to accept their own sons & daughters for their sexual and emotional preferences. It is trying to open a dialogue for acceptance and love.

An anecdote about your filming?

I had to sell my car, rent out my own apartment & move back with my parents to make Sisak since no one wanted to produce my film! After having such a terrific response in the international festival circuit and winning 16 international awards since our World Premiere in April, I am more than elated. The courage is paying off.

What represent Excuse My French “Audience award” for you? Also, a friend of yours attended the festival, did you get a feedback?

I always believe that winning an Audience Award is a far bigger win than winning a Jury Award. Every filmmaker makes films for their audiences. When one wins an Audience Award, it reaffirms your faith in your film and makes you realize the immense power of cinema – touching lives without having met people. I have never been to Paris or France but my film has and it also won the Audience Award at EMF! What a great way to begin my romance with the city of love!

What is next for Faraz Ansari?

Currently, I am working on my feature film ‘Lottery’ and plan to start shooting soon. I am also writing two short films: Gaajar Ka Halwaa (Carrot Pudding) & A Little Life that will go on floors end of this year or early next year. Other than films, I am writing a book for a major publishing house & hoping to start with my own chat show featuring major influencers called ‘Frappé with Faraz’