Şakir and Mehmet are Syrian refugees fleeting a war of hatred. But that he left his family behind and longed for his country made Şakir embrassed. Therefore Şakir joins a small but ambitious organisation with the refugees in Turkey to save his country and reunite with his family, and involves in a venomous war by taking his little brother with him. However, this war will not be a war that can be won with weapons and hatred.


  • DIRECTOR /Ahmet Sami Kuriş
  • COUNTRY /Turkey
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /21:55
  • YEAR /2019


Directors Biography

Ahmet Sami KURİŞ

He was born in Sakarya, in 1990. He completed his primary and middle school education in Ahmet Akkoç, then he went to Ada Bilim Koleji for his highschool education. He graduated from Yeni Yüzyıl University Public Relations and Advertising department in 2010. He worked a short term for Alametifarika as an intern in 2013 summer. He then went to Istanbul Ticaret University for his masters degree in Advertising and Strategic Brand Communication.



Brother : Şakir Shakar ALGABOORE
Child : Yunus Emre ALBUYUR
Key cast : Osama ALYAHYA


Written and Directed by : Ahmet Sami KURİŞ
Producer : Ahmet Sami KURİŞ