Unable to face the reality of an impulsive act of murder, protagonist Ah Cheng’s personality splits into multiple opposing sides, pitting good against evil in his mind and taking him on a torturous internal journey, until he ultimately chooses the evil.


  • DIRECTOR /Mingyang Luo
  • COUNTRY /China
  • CATEGORIES /Short film
  • RUNTIME /11:02

Directors Biography

Mingyang Luo

Bi Xue Yang (Mingyang LUO), animation director, art director and IP designer. Founded BX-PLANET in 2015. With ten years in the industry and wealth of experience in commercial animation, he has never stopped pushing at the boundaries of the field in an attempt to apply outstanding models of experimental animation into commercial work, and has a talent for using emotion to enhance the visual interest of advertisements.



Directed & written by : Mingyang Luo
Producer : Yaocheng Sun