15-year-old Daniel does not feel at ease among his peers, even though he tries to fit in, he dreams of a new beginning with his father in the city. Daniel’s mother, Bella, works at his school, and is the exact opposite of Daniel, she takes up space, has a loud laugh, and is more intense than most, for better or worse. When Daniel tells his mother that he wants to move, it takes a toll on her and he has takes care of her once more. An incident in which Bella’s atypical nature is tested and puts things in perspective. Perhaps vulnerability is also a strength.


  • DIRECTOR /Hannah Elbke
  • COUNTRY /Denmark
  • CATEGORIES /Shortfilm
  • RUNTIME /29:00

Directors Biography

Hannah Elbke

Hannah Elbke is an exciting up-and-coming director who graduated from the esteemed Danish Film School Super16. Her graduation film “Wild Minds” just won a Robert at the Danish Film Academy for ‘Best Short film – fiction and animation’. Hannah has worked as the director at the tv-series Akavet llll at DR Ultra and as the director’s assistant on the popular Netflix tv-series The Rain. Her short film BLEED was nominated for a danish Film Academy Award last year and her first documentary “The Healing”, which she co-directed and co-edited, premiered at CPH:DOX ‘21. At the moment she is developing her first feature film.

Hannah’s work often centers around loneliness versus being part of a community and the threshold between action and passivity. She is passionate about creating universes that question, what we perceive as normal. Hannah loves to bring humour into her work through absurd and awkward situations that makes you want to laugh eventhough the topic is serious. She finds it important to tell about topics that make the audience reflect on how they encounter and engage with the world.


“Bella” : Signe Egholm Olsen
“Daniel” : Elias Budde Christensen


Director : Hannah Elbke
Writers : Hannah Elbke & Henrik Binger
Producer : Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard & Laura Valentiner-Bohse