S dreams of a happiness outside the confines of her mind. Along the way she embraces the surreality of life through vignettes that blend the odd and the mundane. The song captures the uneasy feeling that comes from the unpredictability of our emotions.


  • DIRECTOR /Bettina Campomanes
  • COUNTRY /United States
  • CATEGORIES / Music Video
  • RUNTIME /3:05

Directors Biography

Bettina Campomanes

Bettina Campomanes is a Philippine-born Cinematographer and Musician based in Los Angeles, CA. She has previously done work with clients such as Demi Adejuyibe (21st of September video series), Mac Cosmetics, the NCAA (March Madness), and Twitter (Vine), to well-established indie-musicians such as Dounia and Dear Ears. Her work both as a DP and musician has been featured on Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Scout Magazine, and Color X Studios. She was a recipient of the 2019 New York Cinematography Awards for her debut narrative film, and was a finalist at the 2020 Asian Cinematography Awards. She recently received her MFA at American Film Institute and continues to work on narrative projects. Suffice it to say, she’s a hoot.


Key Cast : Su Lee



Directed by : Bettina Campomanes
Cinematographer : Bettina Campomanes
Producer : Colleen Slattery